Chapter One

So, hi!

There is a part of myself that wonders what I’m doing starting up my private spot before my friends and I actually launch our group project, [REDACTED], but there’s a larger part of myself that wants to go ahead and get started keeping a regular blog again.  I used to do this fairly steadily back in the salad days of the LiveJournal.

Man, LiveJournal was the best, back when it was good.  All of those little icons and the “current music” line, as if we were all listening to music all of the friggin’ time.  I don’t know about you?  But I always tried to make sure to list something that would end up being acceptable.  It didn’t matter what might actually be on at the time.  Golden Girls reruns?  Nope.  Hanson’s latest cd?  Nope.  I wouldn’t cop to it.  If you consulted my journal, I was always listening to the Strokes or the White Stripes or something.  It was EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that I be Cool On The Internet when I was in my early twenties.  God knows why.  I’m not even sure why that is right now.

And the agony of choosing the Right picture to correctly illustrate my post!  I even sprang for the permanent account when it came available.  I was SO SURE that LiveJournal would never go away, and the idea of being able to have SO MANY PROFILE PICTURES was just so tempting and wonderful that I did it.  I followed so many different icon makers and communities.  When the perfect picture came available, I thrilled to be able to use it.  Sometimes I’d write a post JUST TO SHOW OFF THE NEW ICON.

Then I started making icons myself.  PhotoShop was the very best of distractions.  I never got much attention for what I made, but I was happy with it.  I probably would have gotten much better with all of those skills if my computer hadn’t, you know, crashed just after I finished college.  Oh well.  The past is in the past, and all of that.

So here I am today, bravely starting my own little corner of the great and mighty internet yet again.  I’ve done this before – haven’t so many of us? – but this time it feels a little different.  I want this to work.  I miss having a venue for the voice that never quite went away.  I don’t know if I’ll ever attract followers, but I might.  It doesn’t matter right now.  I used to find comfort in sounding my barbaric yawp over the rooftops.  Maybe I can do so again.

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